Did I push him away by playing it cool. Or was he never into me?

There is a guy I met and like a whole lot. Our situation was weird. Very different than any other "fling" I've had but seemed to work well most of the time.

Here is how it went.
HE texted me every day, in the morning, on his breaks, after school, and at night. Sometimes sending me 3 or 4 text before I ever got the chance to respond. He was very busy but always made time to see me at least once a week. We would go out each time we hung out. A few times ran into his friends. Each time. I was introduced and it was never awkward. Sounds good right?

Well and I both for our own reasons were not looking for a relationship when we met. Due to this we had no commitment and he and I both were free to see other people. I don't know how much he embraced that but he has mentioned different females a few times. He blantly checks other woman out, even when were together. Sometimes will even comment to me about them. It was in these moments I feel like I dug my self a hole. Because well, I didn't get mad. Sometimes id even check them out with him. He enjoyed that. Even as time went on and our relationship grew more intimate (to me at least it seemed) it'd happen less often but each time I let it roll off my back.

He knows I care a lot about him, I am not shy from telling someone they are important to me. I appreciate him and his presence in my life. He too from time to time would mention how he enjoyed the things I did for him and the time we spent.

The one and only time we "talked" about what we were he said " I don't want a relationship right now, but when I do if we are still friends, I wouldn't mind it being with you" I agreed to feeling mutual. That was 3months ago. Since then seeing other people still happened. I never felt worried figured he was just playing the field, and non of those outings mattered to him.

Of course the possibility of him meeting someone was a though of mine, one I hoped wouldn't happen and never talked about.
Well now it has.

I know boys need to be told direct. And I feel that I was. But. I also respected his space and privacy. We were not a couple, I never wanted him to feel pressured into it. The reason why I asked is because, when he warned me about her and him possibly being a thing, one of. The things he said stuck me " its not that I'm ready for a relationship, but I know she is so it may happen" did I push him away by not continuing to express my want to be with him? And if I did where is the line guys?


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  • If you never dated, then he's just a really close friend.

    • Is it to late to change that?

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    • Well I need one bad lol

    • These are odd situations we think we won't get into but do anyways. It's like drugs.

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