Knowing when someone likes you - in the dark, or clued in?

Even if that person was just a friend, would you want to know if they had even the slightest bit of romantic interest in you? Would you only care to know when you're single, or would it interest you to know when you're taken too (not in the interest of cheating, but maybe they give off a 'vibe' and it comforts (really I don't know what word to use) you to know what the vibe is all about)?

Pros and cons of telling a friend you're attracted to them when your friend is in a relationship?

And lastly, is it EVER worth the risk of your friendship to tell them?


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  • Oh, I would want to know so bad. No question. If my girlfriend had earlier hinted that she liked me, we would've been dating much longer than we have.


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  • Intention, it's all about your intention.

    • sooo... like, telling a guy i like him ((or in the very least am highly attracted to him) in a selfishly therapeutic way to get over him because he is, in fact, taken?

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    • Okay but what you didn't read perfectly is this is how I've coped my whole life, and after months of liking this guy I haven't told him and I will continue to not tell him, but it's sparked an interest in me to know how others feel in similar situations.

      That was literally the whole point of this posted question, and we just got sidetracked into personal-land with my reply to your comment which, was wholeheartedly my mistake. Should've just "upvoted", some day I'll learn. Some day.

    • As I said, it's about intentions. I understand how that may help you but it doesn't help him for you to tell him you like him. Why do that to him and potentially cause problems for him or make him uncomfortable when you can just accept that he doesn't feel the same and try to move on. You can get closure without saying it out loud to him, you just want an excuse to tell him. I'm just being straight with you.