What Should I Do To Make My First Date Memorable For Her And To Boost Our Relationship?

Well I m calling her on my birthday for a date in a hotel so please help me guys that what should i do for her inorder to boost our relationship?


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  • First date in a hotel? Creepy!

    Don't do anything special. Let's say you make everything the best there is. What is your second date? Less good than the first? So every other time you meet her, it's less and less? Just take it easy and do nothing special. A seed grows in humble earth, not fresh bullshit.

    • hmm so wht should i do?

    • I'll be honest with you, I don't know anything about Indian culture. Maybe your situation is different, maybe she expects different.

      I'd just say be there. Be there and listen to her, talk with her, and be comfortable, and laugh with her, and just enjoy the time you spend with her. Be yourself means don't plan, don't think.

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