Has anyone done something like me because of being deprived of attention?

I'm a shy girl who has grown a lot now. But as a kid I was extremely shy. I wasn't comfortable with my nerdy appearance either.

I got no attention from guys whatsoever until I turned 17 and a guy asked me to prom. Guys liked me In elementary school but that was a long time ago obviously lol.

So I went through middle and high school with no attention except for one prom date and all through college until my senior year when guys began noticing me and asking me out.

I had no experience at all until recently when i began dating for the first time. The guy was so horrible and manipulative and I knew it but I didn't admit it to myself. I was vulnerable with him because he gave me attention that i really wanted.

He was just trying to get laid but he told me things I was dying to hear- that I was beautiful, I made him happy, he was crazy about me, etc. He showed me a lot of physical affection too- holding hands, seeming to really like my body, playing with my hair, etc.

He was such a jerk though- hooking up with other women, pushing my boundaries physically, playing the pity card to get me to do things I didn't want, lying to me about his character, checking out other girls in front of me, etc.

I admitted the bad things to myself later when I ended it but it's crazy to me that I made myself vulnerable to this guy when I knew better, all for attention.

Can anyone relate?


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  • Yes, you are spot on!
    I know exactly what you're talking about.
    Guys have always given me the impression that I was difficult to love.
    When I was a senior 4 guys and 1 girl had a crush on me...
    And none of them asked me out lol.
    It's kinda sad...
    But I think it depends how you carry yourself; for example if you block people
    from your life then you are less likely to experience love in your life.:'\
    Do You remember how all the popular girls at school got more attention?
    It was because they weren't afraid to open their heart! They didn't live in fear of rejection!
    Don't let that boy get you down! Hangout with your girlfriends they'll help you get over it.
    I was in a similar situation I felt deceived and I'm still do I'm angry.
    But it's best to forgive not for them but for your own sake! You can't go on this way
    this boy has sucked your should. It's time to get back up and start feeling alive again! You can do it! (:
    I'm learning to move on too but I'm at the point of wanting to kick the dudes ass mixed with the feeling of being scared to run into him.
    It'll get easier I promise. (: Take it day by day!
    If you ever need someone to talk to hit me up. (:

    • You're so sweet. Thank you! It feels nice that people can relate to me

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  • I've tried with one girl. But the truth was her heart wasn't in it. You've got to find a considerate partner.

  • Good on you for ending it. Some women stay in these toxic relationships. Just learn from it.


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  • I can totally relate! I had a relationship with this guy, he went to school in another city so it was a long distance relationship. But every weekend he would come visit me (or he said I was the reason he came) anyway, he would always be so sweet and he gave me cute nicknames and he even asked me to go to his prom with him, this obviously said to me that he is serious, but then there were days he would just completely ignore me and start a fight for no reason. He was manipulative and knew exactly what to say to get me to do whatever he wanted. I don't know if he ever cheated on me, but he has a reputation for cheating, so it would not surprise me. But yeah, after that relationship I became a stronger person and well I don't believe words anymore except if they are proven by actions.

    • Same hers. Words alone have little value to me

  • Heaps of girls do that. Hopefully you've learned to respect and value yourself more and recognize a jerk in the future.