How do you message girls online?

I've spent the last 4 years in 2 serious relationships, single now, and I'm looking to meet someone new. In person, I don't have a problem talking to anyone or keeping a conversation going but...

online seems to be a bit of a challenge...what do you say when you message someone(guys)...what kind of messages appeals to you most and least (girls)? FYI, I am in my mid 20's. Thanks for all who read and post.


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  • Hi, I'm also mid-20s and have lots experience meeting girls online (and then in real life too, so I must be doing something right!)

    First, make yourself a nice profile with your best photos and make sure it's gonna appeal to the kind of girl you're looking for.

    When you're messaging a girl for the first time, keep it short and keep it light. I'd say either find something in common and mention that, or find something you like about her and mention that (but make sure it's not obvious, and not based on looks alone).

    In my opinion, online dating rocks. If she replies, great. If not, who cares? There's none of the embarrassment you get in a bar or whatever.

    Be yourself, try a few different sites (there are some great free ones out there), and good luck!


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  • Well usually I talk to them about their daily life to get to know them better. Sometimes I talk about general stuff that I read in today's newspaper... just like today, I've read an article about someone (50yo) being kicked to death by two teenagers (17/18yo) because he stepped in and was protecting some other teenagers (13/14yo).

    Definitely am I going to talk to that girl about it (though I know her for quite some time, this isn't something you were going to talk about right in the beginning, I think.. ;))

    Other than that there's nothing more. Flirting online is easier, though you'll NEVER know if written things are meant the way you interpret them!

    Be sure to remember that last sentence!

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