Guys, it is worth dating a taller girl?

So I just saw a tall girl that I have some friends in common with. She starred at me a lot and took sneaky stares, so I guess I should talk with her.

But she is taller than me. I do not know if it's worth it. She is at a stage in her life where she is having trouble finding people to date because every guy says "she is too tall". So she might be desperate for just about any guy.

I do not like this idea, once she gets over this problem then my chances with her will be practically zero. I know this from experience.

So what should I do? Forget about her? I need realistic and brutally honest guy opinion.


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  • Brutally honest answer: go for it! How tall is she? How tall r u? The only reason height matters in a relationship is because someone (often the guy) makes it an issue.


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  • If you have a problem with that, don't do it. But if you don't care, then go for it. Your experience that you know about, they are about this girl in particular? If not, don't judge. If she likes you, if you like her, if both of you don't know but can give an honest chance, go for it.

    If you think she's playing you, forget it. But in my experience, women are never desperate for just about any guy. Ok, that's not true. But they aren't desperate for just sex with about any guy.

    If it's an issue, talk to her about it. Tell her, listen, I'm not that tall compared to you, is that a problem for you. And she will give you an honest answer.

    • I think she was playing me. Well hard to figure her out, not good for me so I am already moving past her.

    • Dude, think about it twice. I've been played more than a 1940's record, but I'll still give a fresh girl a chance. Make sure until you know for sure. If you're getting played, so what? You got played. If you didn't, if it's something real, it's worth the risk of getting played a thousand times over.

      From a guy that got played over a week ago. Yeah, I was the greatest ever, and she jerked off another man's privates. But I still believe. And I'm not going to judge the next woman I meet according to my previous misfortunes.

    • Well, I did it mostly for validation. She was a really hot girl and I wanted to get my game better. Now my interest in her is dropping faster than a crashing airplane. Eventually it will become too low to do anything with her.

      I am already starting to notice flaws in her and it's too late. Even if she is playing me, it's too late by now. Also I just started dating another girl, well I was dating her this whole time.

      I guess I will talk with her for fun only.

  • I like to say go for her but it works only in a perfect world where people respect each other and don't judge. But unfortunately we are not in a perfect world and there are some unwritten rules and "Don't date a girl who is taller than you" is one of them.

    • Yeah, I know, I don't know if she likes me or not. Unless she makes it 100% clear that she likes me I would move past her instantly. I will just use a simple test on her, just smile at her from afar and see if she smiles back.

  • Give her a whirl and see what happens broski.

    • Talked to her, nothing happened. Moved on to other girls already, in a week I will probably forget her name and that she ever existed.

  • If you like her, I agree you should give it a shot.

    by the way, I see you're from Romania. Is it true that girls there tend to be pretty hot compared to other places?

    • Yeah, they are hotter. But I get the impression that they have more issues and are more gold diggers here compared to some other places but compared to what you might find in New York or Los Angeles, they are probably more safe and easier to get.

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    • Well, mid season is the best when prices are the highest. That's the general rule, if prices are higher than the rest of the year it means that people with money and good looking women come.

    • Got it. How expensive is it generally? Like what's a reasonable rate for a hotel in a cool area?