Hanging out instead of an actual date?

i met this guy online he started following me on instagram and we started talking, his 25 im 19. his coming to my neibourhood next week and wants to meet.

but i want to go on a date not 'hangout'

his rich and 25 not a 19 year old boy im used to so i kind of expect a date and not just a 'hangout' thing were he tries to get into my pants.

how do i make sure its a date and not just going over to where his staying.


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  • You should talk to him more so you can get a better feel for what he's after wether it be a relationship or just trying to get in your pants as you've said.

  • Call him and say "Hey, I was wondering where you thought we'd go so I can be dressed appropriately"

    • his said in texts he wants to meet up and hangout. does that automatically mean his place

    • Again, I don't know. I can't read his mind. That's why I gave you a suggestion to ask without asking.

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