Telling someone how you feel about them?

I have feeling for a friend of mine. We flirt and he stares at me and ever since we met, neither of us act like we're platonic friends.
I want to tell him, but don't have the guts to say it to his face.
I've written a letter. I managed to write down exactly what I what to say.
I feel like confessing puts him in a weird position and may end our friendship forever.
I'm really worried about the fallout, but I need to tell him. Not telling him is really causing me pain.


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  • So get it over with. You don't have a question.


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  • A girl that liked me confessed, it was weird for about 3 days because i wasn't attracted to her but then we just started talking normally.


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  • Tell one of your other or someone you know to ask for u but tell them don't say u told them to ask him and after that tell him. or just tell him I don't want mess up our friendship I like u or what u have to say good Luck

  • Just man up and tell him! What if he feels the same? :)

    • Then I shall do the happiest of happy dances.
      I'm not sure that'll happen though.
      He just started dating someone. He doesn't seem all that into her. He won't talk about her around me. So weird

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    • Maybe
      I don't know.
      If he doesn't and it's all one sided, then potentially our friendship is over.
      I hope it doesn't come to that

    • Well it is up to you. Here's scenario one : you don't tell him your feelings and just be friends with him and hide your feelings and watching him date others because he waited too long for you (if he likes you) but you'd be the same old friend scenario two : you tell him you like him and it turns out that he likes you two and you guys could have a long term relationship since you guys are good friends and know each other. And if he doesn't, you guys just close the topic and be friends. It's all up to you :)