GIRLS : I like my ex friend but my ex beg me to not have realitionship with her y? And what to do?

I broke a year ago but since then every now and then I think about my ex friend I like her and I think she also like me
I chat with her sometimes when I had my ex and my ex know that and I was faithful

But after we broke my ex felt I will choose her friend she beg me to not take her friend as gf bcoz they're friend and work n same office

she told me u will destroy my life there's many girls find any girl it's up to u but not that girl pls

I said ok and since then I have no contact with both if them

Now I feel I have the right to choose any girl I want and it's not ex buss and I really want go and check her friend and try to back the realitionship but in other hand I still think for my ex how she will feel and bcoz she's poor and single mom and living abroad I think I will make her life worst but its my right to choose any girl

What u think?


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  • LooL your EX need to move on and stop being ass, it's your business she doesn't have any right to choose who would u date or not, if you like the girl go for it and don't listen to your EX


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