My friends with benefits said she does not want to hook up?

I have a friends with benefits .. I hit her up a couple of days ago to hook up and she hit me with the "I don't want to have sex with u anymore" :/ I asked her why? And she said cuz she wants to wait till she finds somebody worth giving it to.

Now before I didn't care, I even went for about a year not talking to her.. But now that I know that she is serious and that I won't be able to smash that anymore is getting me to re think about this.. I mean she's hot, and good at sex but as far as that I don't really know much about her.. I don't even know her birthday lol

What should I do?


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  • Move on. Whatever the reason that she decided this is hers and hers alone. She could have been a little more nice in the way she told you.

    I feel if it wasn't for the sex, you two would not likely give each other the time of day.

    If all you want is a f**k buddie, there are a lot of them out there.

    She's not worth it.


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  • Let it go and leave her alone she is over it you need to move on.

  • Just forget about having sex with her. She doesn't want it any longer and you should respect that.


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