Should I try harder or just leave it?

So This guy & I have been talking for months. Way before I broke up with my ex. But not talking talking, we just texted a lot & webcammed because we got along or whatever. I never had feelings for him. One day he told me he used to have feelings for me & after that I tried not talking to him as much bc I had a bf, plus I felt like maybe I lead him on even though he said I didn't. Well months later my ex and I broke up. I cried a lot & this guy helped me move on I guess? Like made me realize I shouldn't cry because it was just a high school relationship that probably wouldn't have lasted anyways and just kept making me laugh. Tried getting my mind off it. After that he talked to me a lot, never flirted with me. We actually never flirt. I don't even know what we talk about honestly. Months later (now) we talk a lot and one time we were going to hang out but he flaked on me without telling me. I was mad obviously. After that happened, he said he's scared to make me mad. Anyways so I got annoyed & didn't talk to him as much even though I feel like he started being distant before me. We've been talking more these past days & he told me that he kinda missed talking to me & blah blah, then he said he really started liking me but then he got all busy, he works two jobs & goes to school. I'm pretty busy too so our plans never follow through. I told him I felt the same way but I didn't plan on telling him because we never go out or anything, it's just a snapchat/text kind of thing. He then just said "bleh, I suck with you" Like I guess nothing works out. I never initiat to hang out because I'm scared he'll like reject me or flake again. The other day he asked when we were going to hang out and I just said "when you decide not to flake"


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  • Are you sure you're not on the rebound?


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