Girl friend with benefits makes me something for my birthday and buys me a Christmas gift?

So this girl I'm friends with benefits with or I don't know what to call it... We bought each other Christmas presents and stuff for our birthdays... What do you think? What do I call our relationship and is this right?


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  • She likes you.

    Agreeing to friends with benefits and buying you presents is a person's way of luring you into a relationship with sex and presents. Most of the time, it will go nowhere because in a friends with benefits situation, only one person (or neither) is interested in an actual relationship. I had something similar happen. I wasn't interested, but was in a friends with benefits relationship for 3-4 years. She was crazy about me, and only offered friends with benefits to me because I rejected a relationship with her. She spent the next several years cooking me dinner, buying me presents and coming over for sex - only for me to end up rejecting her because I was never interested in anything more.

    If you accept the present, you will lead her on to believing it may eventually change your relationship status to being a couple. If you reject it (nicely), and remind her of your arrangement, you may be able to let her off softly while still maintaining the friends with benefits relationship.