Guys who want girls to do a lot for them?

I'm friends with a guy who had a hs gf who he did a lot for and she for him. But then in college he dated one girl who sacrificed going out clubbing when he had surgery and brought him over food and watched movies with him, so he dated her. Then for a few years there was a girl who did A LOT for him, let her borrow her car while she was at work, surprised him with his fave candy, got him great gifts for his bday. He told her he was at uni to live the 'college life' aka sleep around but she said he was worth waiting for. He also made her his official gf for a while even though he wasn't in love with her, she just did a lot for him. He didn't do as much for her.
So my q is, why on earth would someone do that with someone? And since I've started to like him I'm weary that he's kind of a cold person...
I think relationships should always be 50/50, equal partnership.
Once he commented how I made my sister cupcakes but I've never made him any. It was for her birthday. I said you can wait until your bday. Is he possibly a selfish person?


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  • Yes it sound like he is a selfish person, and I think you should try to find someone else to like. Why do people do that for others? Because they are generous and they are in love with the person. As for being 50/50 yes, but what exactly is 50/50. You mentioned a girl who stood by him while recovering from surgery, brought him food and stayed in since he couldn't go out (I wish more women were like that!). It doesn't mean that he must do the exact same thing for her when he is feeling better, but if she was to be recovering from surgery he would do the same for her.

    • I agree that what the girl who stayed in did was nice. But it's interesting that he turned her into his gf because of that. Like over giving is the requirement for him? The relationship didn't even last long, just a few months, and he says he never loved her nor ever did much for her.
      Thanks for the advice!

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  • "I think relationships should always be 50/50, equal partnership. " That's one way to look at it but in truth each partner needs to be all-in so it's 100%/100%.

    Either way you're participating equally but at 100/100 neither of you is comfortable with less than full effort. This guy fails the test.


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