Intimacy in University couples?

Are all of them ahem ahem? Especially if they travel together, (in a group though), and have pictures of them piggybacking and stuff?

I don't know, everyone thinks they're more than just friends, and they seem to be, but they're not confirming it.

In general, do most University couples who go out have sexual relationships, or is it possible to have non-sexual relationships also, even though you're a full grown adult. They're both conservative.

Why don't people confirm their relationships? If almost everyone thinks they're together, (they don't deny it, which of course makes people suspicious). friends with benefits , or just very private?
Does anyone know how I delete a question on girlsaskguys?


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  • It's possible for two people in college to not have sex, but I'd bet they were if I had money to put down.


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  • Yes they are all having sex.

    • Is that why they deny relationships? Because they don't want people thinking less of them?

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