Questions to all guys?

Started dating a guy. Its been 3 month. We been on a holiday, going on holiday this year and next year. He says he loves me. His mum likes me etc.
Shower he does things like; arranged meeting time when it suits him. Then text 10- 15 min before meeting asks to come later. We would talk on important topic. He would come back later with completely something different.. disregards the previous concern I made or question asked. It took me once to ask me twice same question till he answered the next day. He would promise everything: buy, do things arrange meetings and will forget to come or mantion ans apologize if can't make it. Just full of promises and no action to full fill them. He buys expensive things to himself and not offer any to me. He gets me some cheap stuff now and again or says buy it when I mention something I like. He tells me there is no rush in me coming to see him or vice a versa, however once he was very surprised when I said I had no rush. I talked about being selfish and disrespectful- he seemed nit understood the plot. He would make me wait which I stopped doing.. saying ilk be 10 mi, then 15 then something else. there is always an adventure with him before i Meet him.

Are all guys like that? Cancel on a girl in 10 miƱ before meet up. Change subject now ad again.. try to say something that would suit his interest.. Just promise promise and when you say dont say stuff you can't do- guy says what you mean and doesn't realize that he doesn't full fill what he says.


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  • He sounds kind of boring "/

    • Do you think I have the right to tell him that am not happy and it bothers me? Can he be just selfish?;)

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    • Clearly this dude is half retarded. I'm not trying to be rude but come on? If he behaves this way he has half a brain and probably half a dick, no offense...

    • Hehe yeah I completely agree.. its unacceptable- i mean he even pushes me away now by the things he says or does. so you think I shall speak to him one more time.. at the end am still his gf..

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  • So then why are you with him?

    • They I just want to see what people think.. I am with him coz I like him.. but he behaves odd and I don't know

    • Doesn't sound like he's making you his priority.

    • Could he be just selfish?

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  • Sometimes people have prior commitments and think they will be able to make times that just ain't realistic sometimes you just need to let it. slide and it's not his place to buy you things im gathering that he works for his money so why should he buy you expensive things. And it is a rule that if someone tells you they are running late then you can't pick on it, if he didn't tell you then you bring it up.

    • First of all I don't ask him to buy me a Mercedes but a thought of asking if I like something and now and again buy be nice. If you work for it and be selfish than its quiet sad. Other thing one twice is fine.. but not all the time the tram didn't come, taxi is last.. etc..

    • I wasn't meaning this to sound bad i was just stating that sometimes men dont realise that they are doing this and dont want to spend their money on others. Maybe you will need to bring it up nxt time you see him. Or nxt time tell him dont bother to come see how he likes this.

    • Yeah I was thinking about it just don't have a right opportunity to cancel when he comes.. have to wait till something happens that I could cancel.

  • Sounds like he's married in my opinion. Not normal single guy behavior.

    • Ha no we are not married and neither does he. we are in a relationship if there is any.. you think I have to speak to him and makes things clear.. I am his gf.. its just something i noticed. We planning to move in together etc.. which ill probably have to refuse..

    • I meant it sounds like you're his other woman and he's a narcissistic jerk. I wouldn't move in with someone who is not responsible for their actions and cannot be 100% honest to me at any given moment.

    • Hey he doesn't have other gf that's for sure.. we spend all over time together and chat a lot.. etc. I mean he talks about moving in, babyes cats etc.. don't think I am the other woman. Problem might be him being to selfish..