Best way to get over a guy? boyfriend?

I usually take time for myself i work on getting better at work or school and i make a change if something isn't good. . and i go to the gym.
I've never just gone out and slept with randoms.
A good girl friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend recently and lately she's been out clubbing a lot and meeting guys.. she slept with a guy after talking with him for two weeks and now he isn't talking to her. she's going on date on Saturday again.
Is that a good way to get over someone? I've never tried it.


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  • When One door closes, another one opens, as the saying goes. And the 'Best way' to forget One schmo is to get up with another Moe, even if it Is "For two weeks' and it doesn't work out. At least your friend is Out there again, not sitting home, moping and hoping over the Other Joe.
    She is probably looking for a Rebound Robert as well who may even have a few qualities that He had. And for awhile, as she is 'Clubbing' and bumming around, she will be comparing every Tom, Dick and Harry to the past poppy.
    Best of luck to her. xx

    • I believe in order to really get over someone you need to let yourself feel the pain.. and not go rush into aything new

    • No, But sometimes just getting Out there, Some people find it is just a way to 'Forget the pain' at least for a little while... even going out, drinking some, you get a moment of 'Pain,' don't worry... no matter where you are, WHO you might be with, the pain remain... just some people do not want to sit around and die inside... everyone is different.. however, a Rebound is usually ONLY what is found. xx

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  • Don't go clubbing because some of those guys are douches. Try dating websites, or something. It'll bring your attention away from him


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  • Best way to get over a guy, is get under a new one.

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