How to get over someone as fast as possible?

there's this guy that I had been talking to. and then all of the sudden this girl messaged me cussing me out telling me to stop talking to the guy. and I know it's embarrassing, but I couldn't help but cry out of shock and anger. I'm completely pissed that he couldn't have told me himself. and I just need some advice on the situation.


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  • Wait she told you? How do you know she didn't just want him for herself?

    • there's no way she could've known my number unless he gave it to her.

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    • Damnit I wanted to make a diagnosis. It's fun doing that. Lol. Shyness is also a factor, but this girl didn't have to swear at you.

    • haha oh gosh. :) I think i will survive. and i completely agree, i think that's what threw me off. she was completely immature and rude!

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  • do uk if she did it for him, cause it could've been just for herself?