Why does she play hard to get with me? What's the gain from it?

She's the one who approached me and now she has playing hard to get for months. I know she's in high demand and stuff but does she really expect me to get on my knees for her? She keeps popping oout every once in a while. I do slightly like her but Lol, I got other options.

I haven't even asked her on proper date yet. What's the point
I know if I do : she'll come with some lame excuse or ssay yes then declined.

Why does she bother me lol


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  • She either has mixed feelings about you and doesn't fully understand her attraction to you OR she was interested in you before (because you said she approached you) and now she isn't. The fact that you see her every now and then could just be purely coincidental so you don't necessarily need to take that as a sign, UNLESS you have a gut instinct about her and are interested in her yourself. If it's the latter and you are interested I say go for it! How are you so sure she'll reject you?

    • Lol I don't see her everry now and then. she keeps communication every now and then, like she wants to keep me as an option

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    • I don't really care lol
      but the fact she sees me as an 'option' is a turn off

    • Well maybe she knows you have "other options" and she sees that as a turn off. You're both giving each other the same signals neither of you want.

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  • Then don't waste your time if you don't really like her. She obviously isn't that interested in you so just leave it be.

    • I'm not wasting time, she's the one. Lol she 's the one who searched for my number

  • She loves attention.

  • Sounds like she really craves that attention your giving. Based on my own experiences, when I played hard to get it was to get that confidence boost from these guys who keep trying. I used to be insecure, so this constant feeding of attention really made me feel wanted. Of course, that only lasted a while (and so maybe that's why she keeps coming back).

    Could also be that she just likes to toy with you, finding some kind of pleasure from dragging guys around. Either way, don't waste your time when you could be on an actual date with an actual girl who wants to actually eat the dinner you're both having and not your attention.

  • Maybe she's just waiting for you to ask her out,


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