How can I trust again?

I have been treated like I am the scum of the earth in the dating world by girls. It has caused me to now over anaylise every single little thing girls do what they say, how they say it, their facial expressions, their actions etc. I am ok until something happens I am not sure of then I think the worst of the girl. Please don't be mean I know there are mean and nasty girls out there but I also know not all girls are like this at all. The problem is I feel I am missing out on good girls because of my trust problem. How can I fix this? Please don't be offended this is not meant to offend anyone. All I am looking for is advice on how to fix this problem. Be nice!

Thank you.


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  • Unfortunately, it's very difficult and I don't think there is any easy solution to the problem of trust issues. I have experienced this also but not really with dating, more from having friendships end and people leaving or lying to me and just bad experiences like that.

    I think it's just one of those things that takes time and it will probably be a slow process. You will just have to take a chance on someone and hope that they treat you well. If a girl makes a facial expression, says something you may not like, or acts a certain way, etc. maybe before reacting, take a few minutes to really think about a girls behavior and think about: is it really an insult to you or are they just having a bad day or did you just take what they said the wrong way? I know it may seem like many girls are nasty or out to get you but that likely isn't true. If you have trust issues, it may just be that your perception of the situation is off and you're seeing something that really isn't there.

    So, you will have to learn to control your thoughts and try to see things in a different way. I'm sure there are tons of sweet girls out there you would get along with, sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to find the good ones :)

    • Thank you for you input I will take it on board. It really is hard when you have had so much bad treatment. I will try my best.

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    • Yes you are right and awww thank you for wishing me the best. :)

    • You're very welcome! :)

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  • im sorry for the way youve been treated in the past by girls, its not fair to you and its not good that theyre altering your entire outlook on how you see girls in general. before you start dating a girl, maybe you should try to get to know her more before hand, tell her your concerns, and if your friends know her ask their opinion and if she's someone they think would treat you right or not. if you hear a rumor that you're not sure about, rather than just assuming the worst, ask her about it first, tell her you heard it, you're concerned, and you wanted to talk to her to let her know that it was going around and to find out if its true. dont automatically get mad and change your whole veiw on someone before you know all the facts of the matter. i understand what you're saying with the over analyzing, a lot of girls do that true, but honestly, we dont really think about what were doing in the moment so most of it probably won't have much relevance overall. also you dont neccesarily have to date right away in general, try making close friends with a girl and establishing trust with some of your friends that way before you decide to date and maybe thatll help. I hope I helped answer your question a little bit

  • Just give her your trust I mean I am not dating yet I feel I am. Basically it's complicated, but I know if I dance a guy or someone shoves a guys hand into mine that unless I am attracted to them it doesn't mean anything if that makes sense. I used to have trust issues but in a way it pushed him away. I got controlling and he then cheated so I think you should trust people and once the trust is broken then you don't.

  • you need to get over them. I don't know exactly how. it's different for every person. me i eat a lot of chocolate + fatty foods and go thro some boxes of tissues while watching chick flicks. then over the weekend i feel a lot better. not back to my usual self just happier.


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