Texting Back After a Few Days?

I'm really bad at texting, get anxious texting girls, and overall just hate it and much prefer face-to-face interaction over a text "conversation".

So anyway, I was texting a girl I met a couple weeks ago and she texted me Sat morning while I was sleeping and I didn't notice it until that night (I try not to text after 10) and I just kept giving myself excuses from then until right now why I can just text her later...

Also it's winter break right now and I know I won't be able to keep texting her these 3 weeks (if I do it will be boring and probably make her lose interest)...

So how should I go about texting her to make it so we text here and there over break but the primary goal is to just keep some interest until school starts and we can actually talk/go to a party together... Also for this next text it will be 3-4 days later, should I just text her as normal as if it wasn't this much later or make some dumb excuse or what?


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  • Just be yourself when your texting a girl. Make little jokes over text aswell and try to be funny witty and the convo don't die down. And about you not texting back just say sorry I haven't been texting back. Been really busy or something like that and just say you have my full attention now. Hope that helps

    • funny or witty is not something I do well while texting. While texting I'm very serious sounding... in real life I'm pretty funny but usually it's a one liner or in response to what someone else said or I do something physically funny (think Jim Carrey). A friend once said she thought I was the "comic relief" of the group haha... but in text I'm very serious... I just hate texting as it's more of a "game" than a real conversation, and I suck at the game.
      But the thing is I haven't been all that busy and I HATE lying. I can do it this once to save face but it's not something I feel comfortable doing

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  • Texting is boring, why can't you ask her out over the winter break? It's the only way... Either that or just forget about it and don't text her. If she texts you then cool, but I wouldn't initiate it.

    • She lives several states away. Hard to forget when I rarely get phone numbers...

    • So you're desperate then? Who cares man, there are tons of girls. Just wait it out for the winter break and escalate things with her in person then. It's your best chance, the last thing to want to do is blow it on texts.