There's two guys who would you date & why?

There's two guys both are really funny & make you happy one of them is really caring always shows he cares/likes you the other will sometimes show it and this guy tends to be perverted the difference is that the first guy will always listen to you & the other tends to lack on that but they both do like you, who would you prefer?


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  • Sounds like the caring guy would be better. Isn't that already clear to you?

    • Most girls say they prefer the 'bad ones' because they are more outgoing and like to do more things the guy would caring but as weird as it sounds caring could be too much it is good to care but they guy shouldn't over do it, I asked my friends the same question the answers were a tie

    • I don't really get the good guy bad guy thing. You do realise it's possible for a guy who is unconditionally caring towards you is also as outgoing and interesting? It's also possible he can be just as bad too.

      You and your friends will save a lot of hurt/trouble by realising not everyone fits into stereotypical boxes!

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like a pretty easy option, why would you pick the perverted guy over the caring guy?

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