What do I do when my boyfriend of 5 months, close friend of 4 months prior, broke up with me and won't talk?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 and a half weeks ago. We were good friends for about 4-5 months before this. In the beginning of our relationship we were great, but then not even 2 weeks before breaking up we talked because i felt i was pushing him away. We had a long conversation, he admitted he thought about breaking up, but we talked about everything and anything, told me his feelings for me were then stronger than they had been the past like 2 months, and we were happy. We sort of redid our first date, and then just almost 2 weeks later he comes over and wants to break up because he just doesn't know, but "lost feelings". i cried and am embarrassed at how i reacted but now he hasn't talked to me about t. I've texted him about 4 times, I've reached out, and we work together but still hasn't talked to me about it. Work the first time was a little awkward, but its got better. But I've had it with him ignoring me, so last time at work i tried to blow him off to see how it feels. I dont know what to do tho. I dont believe that he just lost feelings, but is that possible? I need help, i need him back in my life because i can't fathom losing him as a special boyfriend and also great friend!


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  • I would let him be for now don't chase him just let him be. I understand you are heartbroken and whatnot but I think the best thing you can do is distract yourself. Try the no contact rule and see where that takes you. Maybe he isn't ready for a relationship I mean who knows. Distract yourself, and talk to other people, etc go out and have fun. I know it may seem like the end of the world to you but trust me it isn't. Try not contacting him for awhile or even months and he might come back. But for now try to stay busy, I understand you miss but the more you chase him the more he pushes away.


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