Nonexistent Sex Life With Me?

So I've been talking to this guy for like eight months and I kind of knew he was somewhat of a player but I really liked him so I blocked it out. So I would ignore him in school because I've never had a boyfriend and i was nervous around him and he said he understood that. I broke everything off with him because I found out he was this huge dick who talked to almost every girl but today I found out that he told my friend that he slept with me but I'm a virgin and he kept begging me for oral and vaginal sex. Anyways what do you think I should do because I want to beat the shit out of him but that might not be the most reasonable answer.


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  • Hmm he sounds like a dick I would ignore him & all the rumours the more angry you get the more you feed the rumors


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  • My question to you is: How did you justify ignoring you prior knowledge that he was a douchebag player?


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