43 year old Virgin.. BAD?

Would a woman dislike a 43 year old virgin, which would be someone who is NOT gay, but has had a hard time meeting women due to a speech impediment?

I should have stated that I only want adults from 25 onwards to answer, because OF COURSE you teens are gonna be all over my ass over this issue.


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  • Who the fuck cares? People make out that being a virgin is a disease, as though you HAVE to lose your virginity before a certain fucking age, or else you're considered abnormal. Sometimes being a virgin is ultimately a choice. Just do what makes you happy.


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  • No it's not bad because sex before mairage is a sin.

    • Only for religious people. (and even those have sex before marriage: a whopping 90% of all couples in the USA)

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    • The notion of 'sin' is 100% religious, invented by priests to control people. Most people see through it.
      In the year 2014 'sin' doesn't count, it's the law that counts.

    • What's wrong with being horny? Nothing.

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