How do you tell your bestfriend you like her?

The question says it all. Snd here's some back around info I've known her for 4 years weve been best friends ever since and the more we talk the more i like her and on top of this it makes it worse she doesn't live by me cause she moved outta state 7 months ago. 😔


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  • Just tell her! either she will like you or not but be careful if she doesn't like you back she might just want to be friends and you need to be ok with that or you will loose her all together but if you wait and stay her friend and she might come around

    • Ok. Well I don't know if this means anything but she flirts with me a lot. I don't know if that means she likes me or not lol.😭😭😭

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    • Good luck

    • Thanks i think ima need it lol

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  • You tell her "I've had strong feelings for you for a while and I wanted to know if you feel the same about me"