Still have feelings for this one girl I was with?

I was seeing this girl for about 3 weeks back in October and everything was going good and then she ended it out of nowhere when I was suppose to meet her family. We hung out a few times after that and I still have feelings for her but she's throwing out mixed signals. We talk here and there but in the few months that passed I met two other girls and they are both interested in me. But the thing is I still have feelings for the girl I was seeing back in October. Am I in the wrong for having feelings still for that one girl and still going out with the two other girls?


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  • If she is sending you mixed signlas then ask her directly what she wants, and if being around her stops you from pursuing a relationship with someone else but she won't have one with you, then stop seeing her.

    • Haven't talked to her in about 3 weeks and she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship but she still throws mixed signals and one time she screenshot a snapchat I sent her and this was about a week after we haven't talked

    • Don't worry about it. If it confuses you then don't intereact with her.

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