Is it big calling a crush by her name?

I like a guy at work and I know he likes me back.
We're both pretty shy which is a problem ALL it's own...
One step at a time though, he DOES talk to me in person which is a huge advance for me in the world of romance.

But every time he calls me, He says me "bud" or "girl"
I wear a name tag, we're Facebook friends, I KNOW he knows my name, (possibly not to pronounce it though since everyone at work says it differently -_-)
I call him by name and he kinda blushes I guess,
I'm just wondering if it's a big thing for him?
Or is he afraid of mispronouncing it?
Or do guys just do this?


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  • Well, social guys do this. I guess if he doesn't do it for other women in the office, then he might like you?

    • I'm almost positive he likes me, Every one makes fun of us for it, and he's asked if I had a boyfriend and stuff. My boss especially makes fun of him in front of me...
      I just want to know if It's "just a guy thing" calling girls "bud"

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    • Ughhhh but that just hands the worry over to me! haha I know I shouldn't be afraid of it,
      It's just that it feels awkward still...
      It's probably because of my lack of experience, but I'm afraid of awkwardness.
      If he says no,
      I'd have to quit my job because those moments of eye contact would kill me
      If he says yes,
      Then what? We'd walk away dating. but what actually changes?

      I know it sounds stupid but I feel like there are parts of being a girlfriend that I do not understand yet lol, and asking him would feel like I pressured him into my suckiness

    • Well, finding your man is part of your goal in life, and who knows? He could be that goal.

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  • Calling someone by name does show a certain amount of affection or respect for that person. That's it. I call people by their name when I want them to listen or when I want them to know that I care (I guess.)


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  • jokingly ask him what your name is so he knows to call you by it.. because out of respect you should make it known that your not some ordinary girl that doesn't care what a guy calls you, respect is respect.. if guy doesn't even call me by my name it's sorta disrespectful to me..