Have kind of a situation with my girlfriend, NEED HELP AND ADVICE? Super long so yea sorry about that?

This might be a bit long, so sorry about that. So my girlfriend is a really outgoing girl with wayy too many friends to count, everyone likes her. She's super nervous about breaking the rules. So we have this thing called a "no touch policy" at our high school where the students aren't allowed to touch each other. So we've been dating for about 5 months and i absolutely love her. She's perfect in every way and i just want to make her happy. But on the other hand both people in the relationship are supposed to make each other as happy as possible and i don't really feel it happening on her side. We've like half ass-ed hugged during school right after I'm done walking her to class even when its completely out of my way. (Im actually really clingy i forgot to mention that but she likes clingy guys and thats good for me at least lol) we haven't had a real kiss thats not just a peck on the lips or the cheek in maybe 3 weeks. :( i really try my hardest to let her know that I'm sad. I've been sad the last couple of days because i walked up to her the other day and gave her a hug from behind and cheer coach started yelling at me for hugging her and the no touch policy and shit and right after that some other girl comes up and hugs her and she hugs her back. So I'm hanging out with her during lunch or break or whatever and the girls are all coming up and giving each other hugs and putting their arms around each other and super long hugs and shit like arms around the waist walking and the no touch policy is "supposed" to apply to everyone but no teacher care when they do it. And their are other couples doing it too but its specifically us when i put a single arm around her i get chewed the fuck out. This gets me really in a bad mood and sad. i Tell her I'm sad at school and she doesn't really seem to care. If she told me she was sad i would gladly take her behind a portable or something and hug her until she was happy and be perfectly fine with being tardy to class. Update

She won't even do half of that for me. She's too scared of getting in trouble... you know what this whole question turned out not to be even a question its just me ranting so FUCK IT you can answer if you want i don't care


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  • Maybe try telling her how you feel? Tell her you feel like she's distant and that it's making you sad. Maybe she doesn't realize.

    • I've tried telling her time and time again but she always says ok or changes the topic and thats over text... we don't have enough time to finish an actual conversation in real life.. she's always talking with her friends and when i try to pull her aside and i say "hey, there's something wrong, I'm not really sure if its you or me (because its just me feeling bad but I'm a pretty emotional guy and she's just regular so maybe regular people don't really care like the person that answered after you told me to get over it. She doesn't care, but my feelings are hurt and I'm kinda depressed about the whole thing, so maybe its just regular not to care i don't know I'm a weird kid) And then she said "what's wrong? I don't feel like anythings wrong? nothings wrong. ( when i tried to confront her today) and i just felt so insecure because maybe its just regular not to care?

    • I mean you're allowed to have hurt feelings no matter what age you are. Do I think you should be treating it this seriously? No. Only because you're young and just getting started with dating. Try giving her space. Like spend more time with your friends or do your own thing and if she doesn't notice that anything's different then maybe she's not the one.

    • I like what @ChARismatic110 said on comment.

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  • You're both in school. Get over it. A relationship and how you can touch eachother at school should not be a focus at that point in your lives.


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  • Why don't you guys just hangout after school or go on a date? No "touch policy's" in public.

    • She's on the high school cheer team and her parents only let us hang out outside of school once a week