Online dating- should I keep texting him?

I msged a guy first from a site. We exchanged a few emails, and I asked him if he wanted to meet up sometime. He said sure and gave me his number. We texted for a bit, then I took a risk and asked him out for that weekend. He said sure again, and I checked in with him later that week. He said he might be busy with his friends, but maybe sometime next week. I said sure just let me know. Problem is I never hear from him again and it's been over a week.
Since he's never initiated contact with me ever, and canceled the date, should I initiate contact with him again or just move on? I'm guessing he's not that interested otherwise he would re-schedule on his own. But he's always been responsive to my contact before.


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  • Well I feel like he should be doing his part in trying to contact you of he was interested. If you do all the work it will just get old fast for you and be emotionally tiring I would imagine.

  • there's this thing called snapchat


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