What's your turn off guys?

So guys, I'm just curious... what are some of your turn off's in a girl. Like what would you like to change about a girl whether they can help it or not. I would really like to know. No offense taking on anything


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  • 1. testing: seriously.. after you get to know the kind of person I am.. I really don't appreciate constant subtle tugs of war for control and power.. you stand where you stand from the first day we've met.. and it's not going to change.. at least not favorably for you.. if you're doing it to know us better.. you're supposedly the more perceptive sex.. if we can understand you without doing it.. then I'm sure you can manage to do the same.. if you're doing it for any other reason.. then start looking for a new boyfriend.. and some supportive friends to help comfort you after the break-up

    2. emotional blackmail and manipulation: we know you can't stop.. cleaver and intelligent are apparently synonymous in your vocabulary.. we know when you're doing it.. and we choose to overlook it because we love you and hope you'll realize your moment of weakness on your own and never do it again.. but you do it again.. and again.. and again.. and that's when we call the quits.. and you're there scratching your head and wondering where things went wrong..

    3. sexual blackmail and manipulation: if there's no food in the kitchen.. then I'll just order take-out or go somewhere else to eat.. we want to love you and we want to be loyal to you.. but when you start to violate the nature of sex.. you've just taken a royal irreversable dumb on the relationship.. when sex becomes anything else besides a form of pleasure and emotional/sexual intimacy.. even if we're still having sex.. we're looking for REAL intimacy elsewhere.. if we just wanted sex.. we'd go with sluts or prostitutes.. the reason we're in a relationship is because we want sex to be meaningful.. if you destroy that.. we'll look to find it somewhere else.. and since we don't want to be cheaters.. we'll break things off first before we move on to someone new..

    4. insecurity: does it bother you that my package isn't 12 inches long? no seriously.. well.. for the last time.. your ass is not too big.. you're not fat.. and you're the sexiest and most gorgeous thing alive.. with your hair all over the place.. in your sweat pants and sweater.. just when you wake up.. no make-up.. no heels.. no fancy clothes.. not fake.. just you.. and we know you'll never believe us or admit it to yourself.. but that's the you we love

    5. attitude: there's a fine line between being a b*tch and being weak.. you can still be strong and nice.. and b*tch and weak.. don't act like it with your friends.. and certainly not with me..

    6. laziness: acting like a brat or princess isn't cute.. it's disgusting.. if I'm busting my butt in school and work to do something with my life.. you better be doing the same.. not saying you have to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant; but be doing something you're proud of and passionate about.. because then I'll feel like we're a team going through life together.. otherwise I'll feel like your personal workhorse giving you a free pass on life while you feed off of me like a paracite..


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  • i hate girls that have f***ed up teeth and girls that just for sex and don't care where they get it from

  • If I found out a girl was a liberal I would stand up and leave immediately.


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