GIRLS - Would you date the whiny virgins on websites like GAG?

Would you give them a chance & change them for the better if they were willing to change themselves and learn?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hell mothefuckin no they wouldn't and if I was a whiny virgin, I wouldn't want a girlfriend in the first place. Using a relationship as a crutch to "fill the void" in your life is pathetic, doesn't work. You gotta fix yourself first. I stayed off from relationships for 6 years after HS because I was all messed up, needed to change myself first.

    • so how did you fill the void?

    • Fixing what I needed to fix. For me the root of it was that I had a lot of health problems. Lots of doctor visits, 911 ambulance calls, ER room, hospitalizations. I knew that was the first thing I had to take care of. Next were my emotional/social problems. I had social anxiety due to my health and never wanting to go out so I worked on fixing that, just talking to more people and in no time I was back to normal. I started going to a gym as well.

      When I went through all that I was very lonely but always knew that getting someone to 'fix' my loneliness wasn't the solution. I just had to fix whatever it was that was making me unhappy.

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What Girls Said 3

  • No. A man who doesn't go for what he wants is a man who lacks confidence. Not for me.

  • No way manz

  • Oh god no I wouldn't

    • Oh god, I accidentally down voted this, I didn't mean to, sorry! I was scrolling through the comments on my phone and I must have just accidentally pressed it

    • lol :(

What Guys Said 2

  • Of course they wouldn't

  • Is this a question about you?

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