I have history with dating my ex's friends, HELP?

I dated this one guy named "Jim" for two years. It wasn't a very good relationship and looking back I don't know why we were together for so long. After we broke up I ended up having feelings for his friend "Bill." I felt horrible about it, I even tried to pretend I didn't have feelings for him but after a few months we finally started dating. We only dated for a short period of time before we broke up over a stupid fight. A week after we broke up I went to "Jim" asking how I could get "Bill" back and not only did we end up having sex but it was "bills" birthday. "Bill" was a total asshole after our break up & one day I told him what I did even though "Jim" & I agreed to never tell him. No surprise that "Bill" now hates me but is still friends with "Jim." Six months have gone by and unfortunately I'm still not over "Bill." We go to universities a few hours away where he plays football. Even though I think about him everyday I've learned to accept what I did and that we'd never be on good terms again. The thing is "Bill" drunk texted me a few weeks ago and it brought up a lot of old feelings. Sometimes I feel crazy and dumb because we were only together for such a short period of time but I ended up loving him so much. Now one of "Bills" older brothers friend, "Kody", keeps texting me. I only hung out with "Kody" once with "Bill" & his brother and I thought he was cute. I have no idea how "Kody" got my number but we ended up going to a bar together to shoot pool and have a drink and now he's being super flirty with me. What should I do? Why do guys always go after their friends ex's? "Bill" hates me to this day and so does his brother. "Kodys" a really nice guy but what if he's just trying to have sex with me and go bragging to "Bill" about it? What if "Bill" has something to do with this considering I don't know how "kody" got my number and "kody" and I don't share the same friends because he's a few years older than me. Please share your thoughts. Xoxo

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  • If you're that into bill - I think you owe it to yourself to see how that plays out before you sleep with Kody, otherwise it will get back to Bill.


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  • go find a different guy that isn't friends with any of the above

  • Sounds like you've caught a rep of being a pass around girl between that group of guys in my opinion. Think if you want to be the eternal "fun girl" they know is a sure bang or if you have respect for yourself.