I told her how I felt, she still flirts?

Ok, I liked this girl at work and we went out a couple times. She said she wasn't ready for a relationship and she just wanted to be friends. I told her that I liked her as more than a friend and could never see her as just that. Thing is, she didn't really say anything to that, but the next day, she kept flirting with me, she lifted up my shirt and tickled me, was figuring out reasons for our hands to lock up and she would hold it for a second. Am I getting played or what, I just dont know why you would continue to flirt if you know you don't feel the same way and I have made my feelings clear.


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  • She enjoys the attention that you're giving her. It makes her feel good and leaves you feeling crappy. If you want to have a relationship with her and she's not interested, then you need to keep it moving. Don't engage in the flirting and let her know that you're not comfortable with it.

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