A girl seems uneasy and quiet around me?

There's one girl I really like but have no idea what she thinks about me. She's outgoing and talkative with her girl friends she talks with during breaks in high school but whenever she's with me, she is really quiet. We sometimes talk during breaks and sit next to each other during same classes. I've spent time with her a few times outside of school but she's always so quiet. I usually find myself keeping the conversation up. I'm so confused whether she likes me or not. Even though she's quiet, she always agrees when I ask her if she'd like to spend time together. She seems kinda uneasy or shy around me. What do you think about that?

Also, I'm going to have a cup of coffee with her on Friday . Do you have any tips to avoid awkward silence? :)


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  • She may be shy around you because she likes you and doesn't want to mess up.

    The best advice I can give you for Friday is do you know anything that you two have in common? Sports, video games, a teacher you both hate, etc... pick a topic you know you can both talk about and run with it until you're both more relaxed. After that conversation should flow freely.

    • You just took everything I was gonna comment.
      I upvote this CommieDearest's comment.
      If you are definitely 100% sure that she is interested in you and she is too shy, you could make the first move, spend more time together, that will make her more used to having you around and it would help solve the "awkward silence" problem if she is used to you. Physical contact after that will be easier and it will open up more opportunities. Start by occasionally having hands on her shoulder, if she is okay with that, then you are that she will not reject you if you ask her out. Spending more time together before you do that will help.

      Hope i helped.

    • Thanks! I guess I have spend more time with her to get closer and kind of open her up. It's hard to say whether she's quiet because she likes me or doesn't feel comfortable with me yet. I have to find out :)
      I'm actually gonna dance my school's senior dances with her, hopefully that will help.

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