Why did she respond later after seeing my message?

So I texted a girl I knew through some mutual friends for the first time on Facebook. I do not know if it was creepy or not, I just saw her looking at me in a mall, specifically making eye contact with me.

She was the first one to do that and whenever I ran pass her she would look at me. I said just asked her why was she looking at me? Did she know me from somewhere and I forgot?

So I saw that she read my message but took a day to respond back. Why would she do that? Was she nervous so she waited to calm down, or did she send a clear message that she is not interested?


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  • If she did that, she is playing games. If you like her, play it back. Otherwise she's not worth your time. It's rude not to reply. If you saw her online on whatsapp once or twice, fair enough. She may want to have a lot of time to have a special conversation with you. Otherwise, if it's days, then she just likes attention. You have to be absent to her as well and make her chase too.

    • Well, honestly I feel like I want to play with her just for kicks and for validation. Other than that I do not think I will do more with her. I am talking with 2 or 3 girls that look decent enough and most importantly when I talk with them I completely forget about this one.

      I get the feeling that she knows she is hot and most guys are after her looks so she is a bit more guarded. I can make her feel "safe". These girls can be real suckers.

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  • Well I sometimes do that as well, to all my friends. There are many possibilities. She could have been very busy, sick, and many other things as well. It depends on the message she sent, but you haven't included it. Dont sweat yourself about it.

  • she was busy perhaps?