Is it true that a guy doesn't really like a girl unless he is willing to commit to her?

I have this firm belief that unless a guy is willing to commit to me, he never really liked me. I have dated guys, grown close to guys etc. But whenever it came down to taking the step towards something real, they never want to commit to me. Naturally, I realise that no guy really ever liked me. I am objectively good looking and easy-going and fun, so my friends hypothesise that guys find me interesting because of that and so its hard to weed out the wrong guys. I however believe, if any guy... doesn't matter who, likes you enough.. he will commit. I have never liked bad boys by the way so that saves me from one pool. But thats why, the good guys who are genuine.. even they don't want me :P. But can a guy love a girl but just not commit? No right?


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  • no lol first like and love and lust are not the same some what sex some want sex and to be friends some what a relationship and sex

    • Yeh but if they really like the girl, they won't just want sex? They'll want to commit! How can a guy love you but not commit to you? Makes no sense to me..

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    • Yeh they pretend to be interested, do everything and get closer. Once a point is passed, they just dont want to commit and say can't we just remain friends. To which I say no and move on. Sex hardly makes a difference to it

    • than move on if want him to commit and he dont want to move on

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  • Given some reasonable period of time, that is true. Here is the politically incorrect truth: "If a guy won't have a committed relationship with a girl, he's just not that into her, regardless what else he does or says. If a girl won't have sex with a guy, she's just not that into him, regardless what else she does or says."

  • They Can love you, the thought of being locked with the same thing for What could be forever, Can just seem scary


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