Should I tell him I’m not as attracted to him anymore? What would you do?

I've been dating a guy for 2 months and have seen him basically every day. We have keys to each other's apartments etc. He's *really* into me.

At first I was really attracted to him because he acted like my type - a total gentleman, cocky, manly, likes to work out, funny etc. As he's became more comfortable with me, he's showing more and more of his "soft" side, which is a huge turnoff for me. He's really mushy and cuddly (which I actually don't mind), but he talks like a baby, sends me hearts and says he can't wait to cuddle with me, also he's quite a bit skinnier than me (we're both normal weight) - all of which make me feel like the man. It might sound shallow, but these things are making me lose my attraction to him. I really want things to work out, but I'm worried that I can't force myself in liking him.

Our personalities are really similar and he's a really nice person - that i see would make a great boyfriend/husband. Should I tell him these things or is there little hope? What would you do?


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  • You have started to see Another side to him, kutsey, which is this "Softie" side and it's starting to put a sour ball in your mouth. You are More into His Other, which at first, was this horse of another color "Manly" Man side and Now-----Huge turnoff for me. Your 'Side,' I am assuming, is Not into all this gush and mush which, for me, I probably would have to agree, it wouldn't be for me neither, Unless I really had the Hots for the guy and I wanted him all over me like glue 24/7... which May be your problem too. You are realizing your heart may not be with him Nor For him like you had thought.
    Perhaps right now, in this point in time, it's time for a break.. Not a Break up, but just a Break away from one another to see if you might change your mind about a few of the things you are wondering and feeling right now. You can't continue the way you are going and with so little space that I feel you are Not getting, you are unsure about him. It's time to get out of this Unstable condition and take some soul searching time for you.
    Sit him down and tell him you need some time for yourself. He may question you as to Why, but stand firm and explain that there is so much going through your head right now that being hooked at the hip is something you need to think over and you Need time to think. If you don't, it Could very well lead down a Beaten path, Not a Bridal path for whatever possible future.
    It's best to know know Now in this stage of the game than to go on with these thoughts of being Turned off like a hot and cold faucet to the point where you end up being a cold fish and a relationship that then could go dead in the water.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand here..:)) xxoo

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  • tell him about him self


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  • I say break up now while the relationship is still new. If you are losing attraction it is very unlikely that it will come back. You 2 are just not compatible. Find someone you are crazy for. If you prolong it, it will just be more pain later.

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