How should I handle this?so I met this girl (call her girl A). She took my number and long story short we went out on a date, I then discovered?

she was older then me which wasn't a problem for me but apparently it was for her. Needless to say we didn't talk much after so i considered that over with. She then had me talk to girl B (her cousin). Both her and i hit it off pretty well but i was still attracted to Girl A. Girl A told me she would be leaving for the next 3 months so her and i hung out and we hooked up the week before she left. Meanwhile B doesn't know i'm hooking up with girl A, but girl A knows B and i are talking. SO A ends up going away but we stayed in touch through whatsapp. we decided to be together so i aasked her to talk to girl B and tell her about it (they're cousins). long story short. i messed up and hooked up with girl B (still didn't kno about girl A). A found out and went awol. explained the situation to B, and stopped talking to A. Realized B was the keeper. But my lust for A didn't stop, so we talked again. So B found out and now i get the FUCK OFF from both. I screwd up I really want B. HELP!!!

  • try to win B back?
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  • Let B go?
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  • Give B time to calm down, then try to explain myself?
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  • wait at her doorstep with flowers and try to explain myself?
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  • I fucked up.
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no matter what happens i do owe a sincere apology to B. So i do want to get the chance to apologize to her. She ended up being the real victim in this whole story.
by the way guys i appreciate all the coments soo far. i've really been wanting to get it all off my chest. Thank you all


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  • Bottom line is, meoclock, you barked up the wrong tree by Even getting your paws Caught in the cookie jar with 'They're cousins,' for many times over, it ends up a sticky situation where Blood ends up to be thicker than water and even with you talking again to A, who is merely a girl your tongue is wagging for, not the 'Keeper' you would like with B, who is mad as a wet hen right now, A and B may decide to just dump your butt altogether tomorrow because many times over, a pinkie swear agreement is giving you your walking papers... you just may find this out as you sit now in the dog house.
    Unleash Them both, trot along your merry way and hook up with someone who doesn't have their cabooses attached to one another and eat out of the same dish... you are better off and it's safer in the Long Run.
    Good luck. xx

    Good luck. xx

    • i appreciate the answer. Sadly i'm starting to think i should let them go. At this point i feel like i need to really apologize to B. she was great the whole way. even when i told her about how i felt for A when i first met her, she told me she had a feeling i did but she wanted to swing me her way. i made her understand she was the one but then My P***s got in the way. you definitely don't know what you got till it's gone. sigh. Thank you!

    • Oh, thank you and you are so welcome... When it's blood like this, tis thicker than water, so best to find someone who is clear of all ties.. and a lesson in love with even a case like this one, even Not being Blood...:)) xxoo

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  • Well you did Fuck up pretty bad. But everyone makes mistakes. Id try and win B back if you really do have feelings for her. The waiting at her doorstep with flowers is actually a really sweet idea. She'll still be pissed but if she has any romance in her at all she will love that you were there with flowers and might invite you in to talk, but do not initiate sex. If she wants to fuck then let her initiate it. If you initiate it, you'll just look like the ass again.

    • oh it's never been about sex with B. heck we never had sex. She is the romantic type, the kind that loves flowers delivered at work. always always commented on me opening the car door for her. i was always a gentleman to her. My problem with A is she knew her cousin had feelings for me, she even wanted me to stop talking to her. I was the one that told B what the situation was. she loved the fact i did tell her and asked me to be patient with her as it was a lot to take in but then i go and do this.

    • Oh I see. Well then it sounds like you really know what you want. Everybody fucks up. You fucked up in this case, but if you really want B, GO AFTER HER! Grab her before she is all the way gone.

  • Dude don't mess with cousins! This is a Springer episode waiting to happen!

    • I knwo it was a disaster waiting to happen. i realized it too lated

  • There's no explaining this to a sane person in a way that will make her say, 'ohhhhh, okay, well that's alright then.' That they're related makes it even more of a blue in the face situation.


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    • oh i learned my lesson for sure. and im not the type that cheats either but i definitely fucked up there

  • I think u don't know even what u want :D
    ur already so Lucky that ur alive lol :D
    Sorry, i know it's not the answer u looking for :D
    just my opinion :D
    Forget both :D

    • here's the thing. I was in lust with A. But deep down B is what's good/right for me. A was one of those situations where i simply thought with my penis.

    • Well, if u know girls :D they are the most stupid and also clever/jalous things in the world :D
      so usually u don't have any chance, except if u got something special, i mean really special :D

  • You're better off walking away and trying to not repeat that mistake again.

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