How do women like to be approached by a man?

when a man wants to talk to a woman or ask her on a date, how do women like to be approached?

let's assume for a second the women are actually attracted to someone other than Ryan Gosling, when a woman seems to be attracted to you from a far, what would she like best for you to say?

what would you like a man to say or do when approaching you?


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  • First of all, I myself do not find Ryan Gosling attractive - at all. No way, José.

    Second of all - how to approach a woman. This might sound contradictory, but bear with me: I personally hate when a guy doesn't get straight to the point. Instead, he attempts to flirt with me for too long, tell me jokes maybe, tries to appear charming, etc. If you are interested, let me know. At the same time, don't be aggressive because you may end up frightening the woman. Or catching her off guard, and then she won't be able to act normally because she'll be too busy trying to get over the fact that this guy popped out of nowhere and is now trying to pursue her. Runnnn! (Maybe I'm overdramatizing it, but that's how I feel.)

    I would like a man to gently approach me and say "hi." Don't - and I repeat DON'T - stare at her. It's already an embarrassing situation, so look down every once in a while or something, and ask her name. Get a SHORT, casual conversation going, and then ask her out. (E. g. don't beat around the bush.)
    I asked a guy out, and what I said was, "I know this is gonna sound weird 'cause we don't know each other, but do you want to go out some time?" I said that after asking what his name was. If I had beat around the bush, he probably would've wondered, "Who is this girl? What does she want from me?"

    Sometimes it helps to think about how you yourself would like to be approached. However, keep in mind that if, for example, you like aggressive women, don't automatically assume that girls like an aggressive guy. Just use your common sense, be polite, go about it gently and quietly, don't scare her, embarrass her, or do anything that would make you uncomfortable. Remember: you have to be comfortable too, so if something doesn't seem right, don't do it.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. :)


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  • A guy I took a class with this semester had a nice way of approaching me. Besides the occasional stare, he started out making small talk/jokes while waiting for the class to start or when we'd leave. Eventually he walked with me after class and we'd just talk about casual things. He'd ask me how my days been, or how I thought I did on a recent test in the class we shared -just stuff he knew was relevant and that I'd have a response to. Eventually I figured out he was going out of his way to walk the same way I was. (He'd parked on the opposite side of the campus or in a different direction than I was going.) I tend to be shy at first and I think he took it as disinterest. It seemed like he was giving up and I didn't want my discomfort to get in the way of a great opportunity. I didn't have his number, and hadn't really given him the opportunity to ask for mine, so I actually emailed him. I apologized for my awkwardness and gave him my number. It worked out great. He said he'd love to keep in touch and we've been texting for a couple of weeks now. It's still a work in progress, but at least it's something. Anyway, the point in that story is that you probably shouldn't try too hard to formulate this big plan on how you're going to approach a girl. Give it some thought, but don't stress. The girl will most likely catch your hints. Based on her reactions and how well you know her, you'll be able to tell if she's interested or not. If she's shy it might take a little more effort, but if you're really interested it's worth it. For me, it's best if a guy approaches in a comfortable way. If you're nervous, she'll probably be nervous too. Don't go in with the intent of asking her out right away, it just makes the situation stiff. Try to start off with common ground and build from there. Humor is a great way to go. It'll get her attention and make you easier to talk to. If things go wrong it's easy to get out of because you're true intentions weren't so obvious. Good luck!


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  • Presuming you've some form of base for friendship you can just ask. It's not something complex or requiring genius of any sort.

  • Read this book...

    "Get Inside Her" - Marni Kinrys