I'm desperate, I don't know what to do... really like her?

A bit long story but please read...
There is this girl in my class and it happenes that this is the third time I like her. The two previous times I got over it by liking another girl but this time is really different. Things are very hard here. She is a bit closed character. We talk everyday at school... you cannot call us friends but we hold a decent place in each other's social cycle. When we talk on break and a specific friend of us comes he pushes her towards meand I caught her doing a shy face. When I was with her talking to a teacher he came and bumped her on me. She looks at class sometimes. These can be told as signs that she likes me but she doesn't talk to me on Facebook or likes any pictures or posts. We rarely talk on Facebook and I almost always initiate conversation. I don't know what to do... we don't talk much about our personal things and I want to ask her out but Im really shy... it's really hard for me :(

we also share 1 or 2 things in common :/


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  • Maybe she is waiting for you to be the first one to do "something", why dont you ask her out? Like friends, so you can get to know her better, and then, maybe, you'll know if she is into you or what. But i think she likes you, and she is really shy because she doesn't know that you like her too. :)

    • i dont know im just afraid that if she doesn't like me she'll ignore me.. i dont really want that... so i ask her out... says no.. ignores... im afraid of that shit cause it happened with 2 othwr girls in the past...

    • its also hard to talk because we have 1-2 things in common only

    • Try to get to know each other better, and then ask her out. Ask for help to this friend of yours ;) But you can't let something that happened with two girls in the past affect your present. And if she stops talking to you, its because it wasn't "meant to be"

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  • ask her "what are you doing this weekend?" and if she says nothing you could ask her if she wants to go see a movie with you? or go for coffee somewhere :) if she's busy don't worry, keep talking to her and try again in a couple of weeks :) good luck!

  • Girls don't like desperate and needy guys.

    Act like you don't care
    And she will liek you more.
    Also I do the exact same thing with the guy I like, and I like him a lot.
    He likes me too, I can tell. But he's very shy

    • what do you mean? he does the same my crush does to me?

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