Is it ever too late to have the girl chase you?

Is it ever too late to get her chasing you?

I dated this girl for a month, and she rejected me eventually. I distanced myself, focused on my own life, and stopped texting her as much as i did. But now, she texts me if i haven't initiated, and I even got her to ask ME out...

Now, to stop myself falling into the same pit as before and getting rejected again, how do i maintain her chasing me, without her losing interest, thinking that i have? When do i chase her, and when do i let her chase me?

It's not about games her, it's about building the chemistry with her, and increasing her interest in me to the point where if i asked her again to become exclusive, she won't say no...


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  • Give her attention when she's least expecting you. Be spontaneous with the content of your text messages "You crossed my mind" "I bet you look amazing today" "This song I heard makes me think of you". Be spontaneous with phone calls, like call her just to say goodnight.

    In order to get her to chase you, you must chase her. Its a give and take sorta thing. You're attracted to those who are attracted to you and vice versa.

    • And i agree with that... both parties need to chase each other in order for "chemistry" to build up. But finding that balance is tricky. You don't want to do things like text her too much, because then she gets bored, or you risk becoming predictable, yet you want to chase her enough, so that she knows you're interested.

      Those text examples, are they not too mushy after she rejected me? Don't want to scare her off.

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    • I'm not phased by her rejection, but what i'm wanting to do, is change her mind about it... I think so far i have succeed a little by getting her to ask ME out... maybe after awhile i can start sending those things to her, but i'll wait until after new years :P see what happens then

    • I think thats a great plan !

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