What would it take for an ex to take down pictures?

Over the years I would have said I am a jealous type. However, now that I am in my mid twenties and growing up. I am not jealous. However, my boyfriend broke up with his ex last may and we met in aug. Not a lot of time for the poor girl to recover. I feel for her. I know she still loves him. He doesn't feel that way at all. My boyfriend does have some pictures of them still up on his page but nothing that is very couple looking. They just look like two close friends. However, she has photos of him lifting her in the air kissing her, mushy photos with hearts and stuff still up. First off my boyfriend has never lifted me in the air for a photo of kiss or even done a kiss photo. I am not jealous my time will come. However, I don't want to see my bf kissing another girl especially in a way he has never kissed me. I don't want to see rainbow hearts around my bf kissing another girl. I wish she would just at least take the mushy ones down. However, I know she is hurt and not over it. I feel bad for her, however this is my boyfriend now. Is there any way to I don't know how to say this "motivate" her to take them down. I am not about to tell her what to do. They are her photos and her life. However, I do think that sometimes you move on and get over the guy and the photos just natural go. But it doesn't seem like she is moving on at all. Its been 7 months. Am I wrong to want the mushy photos gone if not all? Is there a way to motivate her to move on? Help?


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  • Why are you on her page? There is no reason for you to be looking at you man's ex's page.

  • Have him remove the tag so you can't see it. If she's one of the never get over you sob types she'll never delete those pics.

    • darn it i hope she moves on for her sake and for mine

    • Yea my husband's ex who was a drug whore & cheated on him still lives in a fantasy world hoping he'll come back one day has all kind of old makeout pics of them on her social media, I genuinely sympathize for you.

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