If you were a college student back home where would you go when off and back home?

I'm wondering cause I'm having a hardtime finding any of my younger friends that I've meet in last couple of years mostly at local bars I meet some younger people who went away for college but should be back home for holiday break now or soon? but having a hardtime finding anyone and not sure where they'd go or be? I know some go to the local bar on Friday nights but other than that not sure where to find them?
so what would you do and where would you go if you were back home in a small town/small city type area and not a lot to do


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  • I didn't have that problem, so much/many family events = no time for sleep even
    but others would contact their HS friends prior and eventually this became HS reunion things to do while enlarging the group with others they met when... bowling, drinking, dancing, other gatherings


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