Why is he waiting to ask me out?

Okay, so I've liked a friend of mine for a long time, and I know that he likes me as well. I know that he's a pretty private person so I've taken initiative and asked him (just as friends, but if he wants to interpret something else go for it) to coffee, to study, to go see shows (we love theatre, and no he's not gay, trust me), and while he goes and seems to have a great time (we laugh, joke, talk about everything, etc), he just isn't doing anything about us. Probably the biggest things is the compliments he gives me, I was one of two people besides family he gave a Christmas present to (a beautiful scarf he picked out), I can always see him looking at me through my peripheral vision, and he's now paid for me for coffee, when before we paid separate. I know this is super whiny, but why hasn't he asked me out yet? Am I doing something wrong?


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  • How are you sure he likes you?

    • he doesn't treat me the same as other girls/the other girls who are his friends, I see him watch me, his compliments, etc. The normal signs, I 'spose.

    • Guys don't always have to initiate the relationship, when girls ask them out it takes all fear of rejection off their shoulders.

  • Don't wait the first move from the guy. You ask him out.


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