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If you were texting a guy (wether it was the first time, or you have talked to him every few months or so), what would go through your mind? If you're into the convo being receptive, (liking his jokes), even texting the reply the next day, what can a guy generally assume? Are you interested or not?


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  • I don't think you gave enough details for anyone to really answer this question. It could go both ways she could like you or she could just think y'all are friends. I act like this a lot of times with guys just trying to be friendly but they take it the wrong way. I shouldn't over think it just let it unravel itself.

  • sorry I didn't understand what u r trying to say. she is not texting right away and taking her to the next day to reply? if so she is not interested

    • no we would text all day but then later at night she would respond the next day

    • maybe she needs to sleep or she is showing you that she doesn't like to text at night

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