I think she likes me but?

T his girl at work showed me all the signs that she was into me when i first started. She's somewhat shy. We started this routine of walking and talking together almost daily for like 6 months, but she'd pull back on me and go missing then come back and repeat. I always thought maybe it was because she was in a relationshiip. But it used to make me mad and id ignore her from time to time. There were occasionalky signs she liked my buddy too but I never saw them walking and talk like we did. She sometiems flirted with him right in front of me. Over time I started to ignore her and talk about other girls around her. I ignored her hard for 2 months and my buddy tells me and some other guys how she has been walking and talkng with him everyday out to the parking lot and it's actually creeping him out. This made me super jealous. I'm thinking she must mike him too but she would always still act like she was into me. I stopped ignoring after I heard about this and we started talking again. I mentioned how he told me that... To her and her mouth dropped open which made me go huh? It made me thing something happened with them but she still acted into me. Then a position two positions opened up in her dept and she asked two diff buddies of mine why I wanted to work in their department with her. Her and I were talking and she asks who I think the other could be and I said my buddy. She says me too! And smiles and says we thought he would be perfect (he has experience) she also blushed and was sweating and like staring back at me while she did it. It made me jealous so I said well maybe it's whitney a girl that likes me. And she went dead quiet. All this is so confusing to me. What do you think is up?


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  • I think you need to let this go. I've lost track at all the various forms of this question. Try dating outside of work. Do you really want all that drama?

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