I think this girl been creeping me on Twitter what should I do or say to her?

this girl is from my hometown and her family lives like down the road from me and I know her older sister too. anyways I was trying to find her on Twitter which is hard to do for some reason but I think she beat me to this and was already snooping around me and a girl I had added and tweeted to a couple weeks back.
I noticed after I followed this girl we both know and talk to , she followed her a few days later , which I though seemed odd as they know each other already and this girl doesn't even use her Twitter much. so why would she all of a sudden follow the girl I was interested in?
should I try and add her and she if she says anything?


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  • So you two have a mutual friend and you think she's stalking you simply because she followed her FRIEND on twitter? You're reading too much into it.

    • well I know her and she's a gossipy/creeper type for sure. I admit it could be a coincidence she added her around the same time I did but really doubt as they go to separate colleges now and wouldn't of even seen each other but maybe keep in touch online , I think she's jealous I like the other girl and must of found out I had tried to contact her somehow , you know girls talk to each other about this stuff

    • then add her and pretend like you know nothing :) see if she subliminally tweets about you etc.

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