Do you have trouble getting over relationships?

I feel like I have major issues geting over exes. Some worse than others for sure but I have a hard time letting go even when I've moved on to another relationship. Does anyone else have this problem? Right now I'm very in love with my BF who I've been with for a year but an ex-BF who I dated for 4 years contacted me wanting to give it another chance. I never really got over our break-up and my current BF reminds me of this ex-BF in some aspects which I like I guess. I don't wanna leave my BF at all but why am I pining for this guy? We've never stopped loving one another but our timing is just super doomed. I feel so ridiculous. Is it normal to "always" love people?


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  • If you don't want him your aren't pining for him.

    But we never forget people we have loved. Just realise with time that were better off how we are now compared to previously.


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  • If you say you loved them before you may still love them now.


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