Why do I keep doing this?

I like this guy and he likes me back. Today, he tried to kiss me but I hid my face. Ugh Im so stupid!!! I want to kiss him, but when he gets close to me, my pulse quickens and I start shaking, and I just can't. Did I mess up? How do I kiss him? I don't even know if he's going to try to kiss me again, but I really really want him to! What do I do?


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  • Initiate. From his perspective he was rejected amd probably won't go in for the kiss in a while so my advice to you would be to initiate yourself. That way he gets a green light and you get your kiss, probably in for more. And don't worry about your little mess up today. Jusy tell him you got nervous, he will most likely think it's cute as hell. I sure would. Just lean in for a kiss, he wants it shown by the fact that he did try to kiss you before and you are clearly ok with it since... you know that.-. Yeah. It'll be good. Good luck! <3


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  • Maybe you fear that something bad will happen. Maybe you can't believe that it's really happening because it's what you want. If he really likes you his feelings won't suddenly disappear because of what you did today, you can just get to him and say that you got nervous and then say that you're ready. If this is what you want, just relax and let go! Once it's done you see your fears will go away and then just enjoy it!

  • Please, for my relaxation, because I feel so sorry for you right now. Just tell him you want to try again.


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