Is it possible to be incredibly picky about potential partners and still be desperate?

Is it possible to turn down several advances from girls/guys who you dont find appealing and yet still be considered desperate by others? I feel like the one kind of contradicts the other but I can also see situations in which this might be possible. What's your take?


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  • Yes, it is. Being desperate doesn't mean dating everyone. I don't think that there's a conflict here.

    • Yep, this is right.

    • This is kind of along the lines of what I was thinking. Like being really eager to be in a relationship still could qualify as being desperate even if that desperation is towards finding the right person.

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  • The truth is if you're hot you can be pickier if you're not you don't have as many options. You may be desperate in a way that you want a partner really bad and always seem to be looking but that still wouldn't make you truly desperate. Desperate people will go for anyone a lot of times so if you're picky you obviously won't take the first girl presented to you.


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